December 20, 2018
Eiilyn Cueto

Serving today as chief designer of Aventura’s Sire Design in Florida, Eilyn Cueto has culled a name for herself that extends far beyond the bounds of the Fort Lauderdale region -- even beyond the state in which she was born and raised. Cueto departed the United States at a young age for her education, learning her trade’s skills as she gained a Bachelor of Architecture with a focus on interior design from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. Graduating in 2010, with years of international education and experience in the field behind her, she returned to her native Miami area to work within interior design.

In the years that followed, Eiilyn Cueto created a reputation; she worked with million-dollar clients, celebrities and more on commercial and residential properties. She also shared her expertise with the media, both publications and television, reaching a national audience. Cueto may be based in Florida for her flourishing career, but her skills in interior design are sought today far beyond its bounds.
June 15, 2018
More than anything Eilyn Cueto has come to believe that passion guides the soul, which is why she landed in Costa Rica not long after her high school graduation and why she lived and worked there for so long. She actually looked hard for an up-and-coming designer, until she realized she was exactly that. Eilyn discovered her fresh design vision while she was still in college, as she worked as a freelance designer under the tutelage and supervision of a licensed architect. From that platform, she was able to design and build numerous public spaces, including hotels, restaurants, markets and many more.

Eilyn Cueto

When Eilyn Cueto returned to Miami from Costa Rica, where she spent a half dozen years or so discovering her purpose in life, she was ready to open her own company. From there, she served clients throughout the state of Florida and even internationally, providing high quality design services. Her work has been featured all over the media, as well as in magazines. She has compiled a significant record as a design specialist and she has a long way to go.